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JUST DANCE! Bring your comfy shoes and get ready to experience a WORLD DANCE PREMIERE the Unedited way with special guest artist and choreographer MAURA GARCIA next week at the Charleston Library Society. Come on down to 164 King Street May 18th at 7pm and see what Maura has been cooking up with her Story-collecting … Continue reading

Getting ready for gongs!

I’m writing to let all of you know that the brilliant Percussionist -Tatsuya Nakatani- is bringing his Gong Orchestra to Charleston this Saturday, April 28th at 7pm to the Charleston Library Society at 164 King Street. I have personally been waiting for this event for a few years now and had hoped to go last … Continue reading

The blue and grey are a week away!

Next Thursday will mark the second year of The Civil War Project, a work of theatrical music history commissioned by the Library Society. Guest soloists will include Clifford Derix, Veronica Gonzalez, Jennifer Goldsmith and Ben Pulsipher. Composer Laura Ball unites choral elements, narration, chamber instruments, and public record documents to illuminate universal aspects of the … Continue reading


Don’t forget, the Crossroads project will be back in April! CROSSROADS is an interactive story-telling project linking the ancient traditions of dance, oral history and music with the exciting world of the written word.¬† Communication is a vital part of the creation process and Maura Garcia, the artist behind CROSSROADS, is hoping to communicate with … Continue reading