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Meet three of my Charleston Heroes…Heroines. These Lovely Ladies give strong voice to their music, each with such a distinctive and incredible story to tell you through her songs, and words and sounds. I am proud to have the privilege of sharing a stage with them in January. For a show commemorating the struggle for Equality in America, how poetic to have a female powerhouse to give voice to such evocative and historically weighty material.

Meet Ann Caldwell
imgres-5 This wonderful woman is a class-act. Ann is in charge of the group the Magnolia Singers and is a Jazz artist, singer and storyteller in Charleston, SC. A composer in her own right, Ms. Caldwell has been a player on the Charleston music scene contributing her unique voice and sharing her gospel roots with audiences for over two decades. We are pleased that she brings her youthful energy and musical wisdom to our UNED!TED audience this month.

imgres-6 Blues, Strength, Incredible Line and Fierce are all words that I would use to describe Ms. Holler’s musical magic-making, but there is a gentleness to this wonderkind that I cannot begin to capture – it’s in her soulful delivery of poignant lines that reveal the great talent and poise of this Berklee School Boston Grad. She has generously graced the Charleston Music Scene with her Band the Western Polaroids, the Dirty Kids, and released several solo projects. Additionally, she is one of the best music producers in the city. It is my dream come true to get to duet with this legendary songstress.

imgres-9 Hazel Ketchum joins UNED!TED again lending her multi-instrumental and vocal talents as well as her knowledge of Protest Song and American Music Lore to our storytelling concert series. Like Ann and Lindsay, Hazel is also a gifted songwriter and producer and bandmember playing with the Hungry Monks as well as other solo and duo projects up and down the East Coast. She helps bring many wonderful music camps and arts education opportunities to our community through her work with husband and partner, John Holenko, at Hungry Monk Music. Make sure to keep this Musical Dame on your Cultural Radar!

imgres-8 Laura Ball continues to bring innovation and new life to the contemporary music scene through unique approaches to concert making; setting her sites on building audiences for today and tomorrow through creative arts education initiatives, participatory performance opportunities, audience-engaged works, and site-specific, collaborative art projects.

imgres-10 Marcus Amaker – graphic artist,poet, spoken word artist, writer, journalist and man about town – joins the ladies to add narration and context to our musical evening.
DON’T MISS Songs of Freedom, JAN 17th 7PM at the Library Society 164 King St.

USO REV!VAL NOV 20th 2012

Annex Dance on Location

SW!NG and S!NG brings together the talents of choreographer Kristin Fieseler, saxophonist Jonathan Kammer, the much-loved V-TONES, and some of my favorite Jazz Artists and Swing Dancers.

The King of Beats, Mr. Quentin Baxter

My life-long dream from childhood was to be a dancer. In College I finally had a chance to fulfill my dream as a member of the Competitive Ball-Room Dance Team. I traveled and even swept my amateur categories at the Ohio Star Ball….AND I discovered what it meant to SW!NG for the first time – L!TERALLY. There is something for me as a musician to put the beat that I feel into my whole body, from the tops of my toes to the tippity top of my head and to know that somewhere in the world, all must be right if such a wonderful freedom is possible if only for a fleeting song.

V-Tones in Action

So come S!NG with us, Come SW!NG with us and Celebrate Freedom at the UNED!TED USO REV!VAL. We’ll even throw in a lesson this time to help get your feet groovin’ accompanied by the incredible V-TONES.

Thanksgiving is a special holiday in our family and I want to share it with all of you and by celebrating just how lucky we are to have so many wonderful artists in Charleston to bring us Music and More.



Johnny Gray on the Bass

Meet Johnny G.

Favorite Charleston Hot Spot:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Movie Quote:
When we say BACH, Johnny Says:
Greatest Musical Hero/Heroine:

John Holenko, on one of the many instruments he plays

Meet John Holenko

Favorite Day of the Week:
Least Favorite Song Request Ever:
Best Home Cooked Dish:
Favorite Year of His Life:
Most Memorable Lowcountry Music Memory:
Favorite Waterfall:
Best Underplayed Irish Tune:

Hazel Ketchum, my favorite songwriting instructor ever

Meet Hazel Ketchum

How many instruments She Plays:
Favorite Beatle:
Favorite Bach tune:
Most inspiring Music Festival she plays:
Favorite Animal:
Hobby you didn’t Know She Had:
Best Kept Secret of Musical Success:

Jonathan Kammer wailing on the Saxophone

Meet Johnny K.

How it feels to have so many Jonathan’s in one show:
Why He Wants to Play Beatles tunes:
One word to describe the Sounds of a Sopr. Sax:
Favorite Southern Idiom:
Biscuits or Home Fries:
Favorite Road Trip Destination:
Best Name for a Classical Saxophone Ensemble:

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