Out of the Rose – and !nto the Stacks!


FEB21 @7pm
w/ Evan Parry, Annex Dance, Laura Ball and Friends

Season Three continues with an innovative, beautiful and invigorating collaborative work by Kristin Fieseler of Annex Dance Co. I promise you it will be an evening of artistically embodied WB Yeats with something for everyone – sandwiched just between Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Days, we have married things poetic and irish all into one chamber concert experience. As always, student tickets at the door for half price the day of the show. And now some words from the creator…

KF: ‘Out of the Rose’ was originally created in collaboration with Steve Myers, a colleague who was not only a poet, but someone who had spent much of his academic career researching the work of W.B Yeats. Myers felt the poetry of Yeats was a perfect pairing to dance, and my concept for this piece. “By the turn of the Twentieth Century, Yeats, who was 35, had become a believer in ‘total theatre,’ a concept, current in Europe at that time, which called for the arts to bring together such elements as song, mime, dance, and spoken word,” says Myers. “In fact, Yeats, on his reading tours, had himself already become what we would today call a ‘performance artist’ in his readings, chanting his poetry with accompaniment on the psaltery, an instrument somewhat akin to a lute. The Annex Dance Company’s ‘Out of the Rose’ honors that Yeats with honesty, athleticism, and joy.”

Recreating “Out of the Rose’ for the Unedited Series at the Library Society is perfect for its Charleston debut. From the moment I walked into the Library Society, I knew this was the work for my company to perform in that venue. Surrounded by history and great works of literature, Yeats’ words will be heard in a context that might be missed in a traditional theater. ‘Out of the Rose’ is all about Yeats’ muses, and throughout the piece we are challenging the audience to figure out which muses are real, and which are fantasy. Laura Ball would have been an ideal muse for Yeats, and because the Unedited Series this season is following her lineage, with a slice of Irish in her heritage, the evening of poetry and music coming to life through movement seems to fit right in.

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