S!NG!NG Those Songs of FREEdom!

Library Sit-In

JAN 17th @7pm Lindsay Holler, Ann Caldwell, Hazel Ketchum and Laura Ball bring you a Civil Rights Era Concert just in time to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and you will want a front row seat for this Library S!T-!N (with guests Marcus Amaker and students from Charleston Collegiate)

Tickets are $20 available at BrownPaperTickets.com


Joining these four strong voices will be a chorus of children, er young adults, from local schools Charleston Collegiate, Mason Prep and Nativity. The Evening tells the Story through the Songs of the Struggle for EQUAL!TY in our great Nation. As a continued part of the AMER!CANA 2012-2013 series, come and sing along as we raise our voices to honor this time of change in American History.


Set in the intimate setting of the Charleston Library Society @ 164 King Street in Downtown Charleston, our concert is equal parts story, local history and song, led by UNED!TED’s MC, Laura Ball.


With the repertoire featuring American Hits by artists as diverse as Marvin Gaye, Woody Guthrie and even Southern Fave, CCR, there is sure to be a song for everyone – so BR!NG the K!DS, BR!NG a FR!END, and BR!NG some CHANGE to purchase delights like homemade craft marshmallows and chocolates from HAYPENNY SWEETS and delicious soda pop from CANNONBOROUGH BEV CO.!

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