SW!NG and S!NG Nov 20th 6-8pm

Kammer and Ball J!VE and WA!L!


There will be dancing (6pm with the VTONES and Dave Fuerte and Charleston SW!NG with one Lesson for all under L!NDY!)…There will be more dancing and music (7pm with Jonathan Kammer, Annex Dance, Laura Ball, Quentin Baxter, Jeremy Wolf, and Richard White Jr….And there will be food and fun (Treats and Sweets by Jay Yau, Beverages by Cannonborough Bev. Co. and Bourbon Drinks by Brown Forman)

YOU SHOULD BE THERE TOO – Start off your THANKSG!V!NG HOL!DAZE with an UNED!TED BANG! Feel free to wear your V!NTAGE best, or your M!L!TARY DRESS or COME AS YOU ARE – it’s gonna be a swinging time!

Preview our fine artists at the Library Society’s SECOND SUNDAY NOV 11th from 2-4pm. Book Sales, VTONES, Dances and more!

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