Back in the Stacks…with Beatles Bach and Beer

Jonathan Gray, Laura Ball, Jonathan Kammer, John Holenko and Hazel Ketchum are ready to rock and roll your library world October 25th at 7pm

The UNED!TED creative team is ready to turn your musical world upside down with the annual Beatles, Bach and Beer concert to kickoff our 3rd Concert Season. This year we’ve got some common threads for you as our creator, Laura Ball, explores her own family roots and identity through a musical journey of her American roots.

SO… we begin with the BRITISH INVASION – from the Old World of Europe with old-school rockers like Bach, to the infiltration of American Rock and Roll by the Beatles, it’s going to be one wild, UNED!TED ride this season from October to April. You won’t want to miss a single hour of the fun so grab season tickets and never worry about a sold-out concert again!

November 20th, January 17th, February 21st, and our series finale on April 18th. You can bet on special guests, musical surprises, and interdisciplinary arts fun as we collaborate with Charleston’s best dancers, singers, players, actors, photographers and more to bring you the most happening concert hour in town. And you know we’ll keep the conversation going afterwards at our deliciously thematic receptions.

Thanks to generous sponsors, we will keep your whistle wet long after the final note sounds. This year we introduce Shoppin ‘N the ‘Hood for your 4-6pm pre-show enjoyment. UNED!TED is teaming up with the local merchants on our block to keep you entertained with Charleston’s wares and light refreshments. Take a stroll and get to know our neighbors on King Street before you settle in for the show.

A special thanks to the Library Society for serving as our host for this 2012-2013 season and to the Harold C. Schott Foundation for providing us with the means to keep the music playing.

UNED!TED is a non-profit organization in South Carolina dedicated to providing cutting edge art education, performances and program initiatives that celebrate cultural diversity and serve to fuel our creative community.

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