Creating Fuel for Thought: UNEDITED Summer Edition

This summer I attended my cousin’s graduation from Florida International University School of Business. The Dean gave an elegant address exhorting the power and necessity of this new element in the workplace: INTERDISCIPLINARITY. My spell check for the three years of my MFA was convinced this was a nonsense word, making countless suggestions as the cute little paperclip in Microsoft Word is bound to do!

I agree, it’s a mouthful but I learned long ago in Latin Class that deconstructing a word down to its basic elements is the key to understanding it’s meaning. After all, INTERDISCIPLINARITY is what we are all about at Unedited –

INTER: among, between, betwixt, in the midst of (in French, “entre” – frequently in English use, “enter”)

For this first attempt at explaining the essence of the word, I’ll focus on part one – the INTER/ENTRE/ENTER

What IS  among us at Unedited?

Camaraderie (Like the Cameratas of early Chamber Music in the European Salon), Collaboration, and a Spirit of discovery AMONG the books and historical setting of the Charleston Library Setting – a fitting place to create and share new ideas and revolutionary cultural experiences.

And what’s so INTER about Unedited?

Well, how about all of these INTERS/ENTRES for starters:

INTERnational, INTERconnected, ENTERtaining, ENTREpreneurs in the arts world… ENTER Season 3 with us as we present much loved Music and a whole lot more beginning this October as we embark on a European Tour with the Return of the Bachstars in Beatles Bach and Beer Vol. III:  Oct. 25 at 7pm.


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