Getting ready for gongs!

I’m writing to let all of you know that the brilliant Percussionist -Tatsuya Nakatani- is bringing his Gong Orchestra to Charleston this Saturday, April 28th at 7pm to the Charleston Library Society at 164 King Street. I have personally been waiting for this event for a few years now and had hoped to go last year with a bunch of friends when the show was suddenly cancelled. The beauty of curating your own concert series is that you can host artists like Tatsuya when they have the opportunity to come to town and offer such unique art and sonic events to the community. Please spread the word that the gongs are on the move! Show time is 7-8pm and Tickets are available in advance ($15) through ShowClix or you can take your chance at the door. Student tickets are available at the door for $10. We have a team of talented players joining Tatsuya Nakatani to create the Charleston Nakatani Gong Orchestra. This is a rare opportunity so get on board now! If you’re expecting big boisterous sound – you may be disappointed. Gongs are quite melodious and nuanced instruments so expect to get a spectrum of incredible sonic delights during the evening’s hour.
This event is being provided by Unedited but all proceeds go to support the Artist and keeping the Gong Orchestra Touring and Thriving so that many more may experience the beauty of this music.
Afterwards, we’ll head to MUSE on Society Street and toast the evening! Hope to see you there!
– Laura
Tatsuya Nakatani

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