The blue and grey are a week away!

Next Thursday will mark the second year of The Civil War Project, a work of theatrical music history commissioned by the Library Society. Guest soloists will include Clifford Derix, Veronica Gonzalez, Jennifer Goldsmith and Ben Pulsipher. Composer Laura Ball unites choral elements, narration, chamber instruments, and public record documents to illuminate universal aspects of the Great Conflict. Join us as volumes I and II are brought to life within the walls of one of the South’s First Cultural Institutions. Guest Speaker Robert Rosen and Artist Stephanie Allen (CA) will aid us in exploring the greater cultural contexts and facets of civil relations as related to the nature of conflict.
Our crew of “Blue and Grey” includes more than fifteen members of the Charleston choral and instrumental community. The piece is set for string quartet (Charleston Virtuosi with Rachael Kistler), piano (Jay Yau), dual percussion (Quentin Baxter and Jonathan Peace), chorus, and Greek Chorus (Actors Joy Daniels, Randy Neale, and Marcus Amaker). Projection by Robert Salvo.  The libretto is through-composed, knitting various documents from the Public Domain and Historical Record into a cohesive narration of the war that bitterly divided the nation. Help us explore the conflict – brought to new life in the context of current events and world issues in a “modern” society.
It’s going to be a great night… tell your friends, and get your tickets early!

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